Freelance #Selligent Consultant – Online Marketeer

Day-to-day follow-up, Automate recurrent mailings E-mail development time can be reduced with 80% , single shot e-mail campaigns or just an extra pair of hands to dig into the project..

Responsive E-mail design

Convert existing emails to responsive e-mail templates

Custom Development

From a single contest to automated lifecycle flows. Contact us to learn more.

Individual API

Need help setting up callbacks to sim or other API coding?

If Selligent was Rock Music…

First experience with Sim goes way back to 2005, coding my first campaigns @ 10 years later, the tool has evolved tremendously and so have I.

Where marketing people are often limited by technological constraints, tech guys mostly have difficulties grasping what those marketing colleagues actually want.

I’ve got a solid IT background and a big interest in marketing. I prefer to be pulled into the project from the very beginning so I can lift the project to a higher level with my marketing-gut and technological expertise.

I’d be Elvis.

A little less conversation
A little more action.
Get the right content to the right user with user profiling. Less mails, more results!
Can't help falling in love
I will make your emails look so good, you’ll wanna lick your screen.
In the getto
Feels quite like it. If it was a walk in the park, you wouldn’t be here right now.

Ultra-Responsive Design

Convert e-mails to responsive e-mails. In every.single.client!

XML Automation

Allready have an existing cms? Send out campaigns via xml-automation

Advanced User Targetting

Track user behaviour and serve them personalized content along the way.

Let's have a coffee!

Wanna talk about a project? Give me shout or let's grab a coffee at one of the events I will be attending this year

Let's have a coffee!